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Wegener has got nothing on me.

I am Chané Botha and I am a Wegener Warrior

I’ve had this disease for many years but what this journey has taught me is how to be brave, strong in times where I have nothing else left but to be strong and I’ve reached a lot of people through this so it keeps me connected and grounded

My body and features keeps changing due to the high dosage in medicine so at least I get to change my look quite often🤩but I try to live my life to the fullest!

Wegener’s Granulomatosis is a condition that causes inflammation of the blood vessels.

Wegener’s or GPA can affect the ears, nose, throat, lungs and kidneys. Blood flow to organs and tissues may be reduced, causing damage.

I have a great support system from my family and community that helps me with everything they can. And my Husband is the best of them all😊 when I’m down I reach out and we pray and chat and that makes you feel a lot better at the end of the day

The Rare Diseases South Africa NPC is such an amazing organization and I commend them for their hard work.

I’ve engaged with a few of the ladies working there and I’m still amazed at how empowered they make you feel, definitely an organization I can support!

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