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I have leant to cherish, embrace and admire the RARE essence of being beautiful amidst anything

Hey there, I'm Zanele

People admire me because I am very humble, loving, kind hearted and a friendly

individual. I have a condition named BPES, but this has made me stronger as I have lived with this condition for my entire life. I have learned how to deal with the negative remarks and snide looks in a more wiser manner.

I do not allow my limitations to affect my social life, ambitions and dreams. I have learned how to be comfortable in my own skin & love myself unconditionally.

Connecting with other people on social media with this condition helped me to realize & acknowledge that my experiences and challenges are valid. I learned that one needs to cherish, embrace and admire their RARE essence of beauty because we are given this life to accomplish greater things and not to feel sorry for ourselves.

Rare Diseases SA has helped me to openly share my limitations & challenges without feeling inferior. I feel at home, I have found a place where I don't have to hide my flaws, a place where I am loved, accepted and celebrated just the way I am, a place where I am seen as a resource not a burden. Being part of an organization that fights for transformation brings me so much joy.

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