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For most things in life, the more rare something is, the more valuable and intriguing it becomes. Except for Rare Diseases, which are considered a financial burden, are overlooked by society and forgotten by the media.


There’s a reason humans are keen to invest a lot of money in rare experiences and things – they’re rare! That’s the most special thing anything can be. Rare experiences and things are great, but we’d like to see more spent on rare individuals to help improve their lives.


The conditions rare disease patients live with don’t define them, nor are they what sets them apart. We too have unique talents and rare abilities… and this Rare Disease Day, we’re putting them on display to build #RarenessAwareness.


By bringing awareness to rareness we hope to get more funding for the programs of Rare Diseases SA NPC.


Statistics indicate that 1 in 15 South Africans are affected by rare diseases – which is a lot more common than people anticipate.

In addition to stimulating vital research, we’re committed to strengthening the voices of those who need it most. That’s exactly what the #ShareYourRare campaign aims to do.


Your monthy contribution can do just that.

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