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My rare disease doesn't define me.

Hi everyone, Im Camilla.

Having Rare Diseases isn't all that makes me different. As much as I've been through, I still fight the good fight, I refuse to give in or be defeated, AND of course, I have a big mouth😁. I was diagnosed with Gigantomastia in 2016. Yes, I know, a whole mouth full right? Lol

Gigantomastia is when the connective tissue just keeps on growing and growing and growing. Can be cause by either or hormones, medication, could be in your genes. But let me tell you this, having huge boobs is no joke. Was not a pleasure at all having them. It attracts the most unwanted attention. Then you get the people that body shame toy and laugh at you, which actually affects your self confidence and causes huge depression and anxiety episodes, and of course, a whole list of other illnesses.

Being not just a member ,but also an ambassador of Rare Disease South Africa makes all the difference in the world. The support a d encouragement from this group and their tireless efforts to have us, as The Rare Disease Community comfortable and assisting literally almost everywhere where they can. I don't know what I would have done without Rare Disease South Africa's support.

I am a proud Rare Disease South Africa member and Ambassador

Help us Help you Help someone

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