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Who said you need a smile to laugh?

My name is Miracle May and people often wonder what makes me rare beyond having a rare diseases? My answer is always my willingness to laugh, I might laugh without a smile since I have moebius syndrome, but I love laughing.

I am also known of being talkative and very opinionated. My speech impairment and lack of facial expressions does not stop me from laughing and stating my thoughts. I would have been in the debate team if people were open minded, lol!!! I guess I should practice my writing so I can find unique ways to express myself.

Laughter is the best medicine and who said you need a smile to laugh? So laughter is what makes me rare……..

Knowing RDSA is like being adopted in a new family, everything they do they involve patients to give their input to gain better knowledge of each of our different challenges. They provide us with endless resources that always improve our conditions. Knowing other patients is like knowing family members and have created special bonds with special people, all dealing with unique challenges!!!

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