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Rare is strength. Rare rarely gives up and rarely fails

Hello, I am a Rare Woman chosen by the Lord to be Nabeelah’s mom. I am a teacher by profession and in my classroom I always loved the boy kids more, I wanted only sons in my family, but how wrong was I! This baby girl, today is my pillar of strength. She is the wick of our family candle; she burns bright, spreads light and casts beautiful shadows in the darkest spaces.

At age 7, Nabeelah was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia. From an early age she displayed unusual intelligence and emotional strength. She accomplished all her milestones before expected. Nabeelah wrote her first matric exam paper after being discharged only the night before, from a week in hospital. This was against our will, saying “I have to try, I’m not going back next year” With the same determination, willpower, perseverance and hard work she completed her BSc and Honours degrees top of the class. Throughout this journey she experienced severe seizures, regular nose bleeds, body pains and several hospital admissions. She cried bitterly at the end of most days, fatigued and broken, swearing that she’s not going back - BUT every new day she woke up to face the same challenges, hopeful for a better day. NABEELAH IS RARE STRENGTH, RARELY GIVES UP, RARELY FAILS.

Sickle Cell Anaemia is a rare, genetic blood disorder which cause the red blood cells to be a sickle shape. These blood cells die earlier leaving a shortage of healthy blood cells, they block blood flow causing immense pain and causes patients to be chronically low in oxygen.

To cope with it, your lifestyle has to be tailored around it, medication, diet, exercise in moderation and often leaning on your support system.

If you read my Instagram bio, it states that I live a life consisting of many small wins and I still am a work in progress

Rare diseases SA provides me with a safe space to be completely vulnerable. I’m able to find comfort and advice in people who understand, enabling me to face each day empowered.

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